Friday, December 14, 2012

Last. Week. Here.

Give me a second to compose myself and get situated. Partially because I am sad about this blog title, and partly because my room looks like a bomb went off. Messes give me anxiety and I'd like to see you try to pack 3.5 months of your life into two suitcases. Doable for most, but when a shopping addiction like mine, this just isn't going to happen.

Anyways, more exciting stuff.

This last week I am trying to cram as much in with my friends as I can. I don't leave London till the 19th, but I am in Paris from the 14th-17th and everyone leaves the 15th or 16th, so this is it. =(
Tuesday a few of us went and did some last minute shopping and that was followed by some last minute paper writing and some feeble attempts at packing. Around 4pm we headed off to get on a boat to take a river cruise down the Thames to Greenwich to enjoy a farewell dinner. It was enjoyable...and hard to comprehend that dinner was to signify the end of the hasn't hit me yet.

Wednesday I got up early to do some things on my Last Week in London list. I went to Fortnum and Mason to buy some amazing tea, and then I went to Whittards and got Banofee Hot Chocolate. Oh my their hot chocolates are amazing. They had White HC, Cherry HC, Creme Brulee HC, Caramel HC, White Choc Strawberry HC, Mint HC, Rocky Road HC...the list goes on.

After doing some more London browsing, I met up with my friends at our favorite place, Vapianos. Such a treat to spend quality time with these girls at amazing eats. Soon we will all be departing. It is crazy to think about that.

After lunch, Liz, Chelsea and I went to walk around Covent Garden for a bit before we went our separate ways and I went back to my flat to rest up and pack some more....oy...packing.

Thursday morning I woke up and could not believe it was Thursday already!!!!!

Chelsea, Liz and I went to Harrods to eat breakfast and do some browsing. I also went because Harrods had AMAZING Disney Princess window displays. GORGEOUS! We were there for a few hours before I had to depart to take two of the heaviest suitcases up to North London to leave at my friends house. Then I headed right back into the city to get my luggage to head to Kings Cross to catch the Eurostar to Paris to visit my high school friend, Sienna.

I cannot believe this week is over. Last weekend in Europe, lets go.

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