Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Milan pt. 2

Saturday we took it easy getting up. Nicki made me an 'American' breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. Yum :) We then headed into the lower city of Bergamo and wandered the shops and Christmas markets there before having some sushi for lunch. We then took a cable car to the upper part of the city. It is the beautiful Italian village up on a hill filled with gorgeous apartments that have an amazing view of the city. It reminded me of typical Italian cities with yellowish buildings that look so rustic. All the streets are cobblestone and if you don't live there, you cannot drive there - so most people walk up or take the cable car. It was beautiful and there was an amazing view from the top.
There was a church in the town that Nicki asked if I wanted to see. I was hesitant because I have seen so many churches and just didn't feel like going in. Well, I am glad she made me, because it was easily one of the most ornate and gorgeous churches I have ever seen. The detail was INSANE and it was totally amazed.
We then picked up Nicki's boyfriend and headed to her moms house for dinner with the same friends from last night. While the Italians schmoozed I watched Chelsea beat Sunderland, and Rome beat Florence. Lots of football. Dinner was delicious of course and this time the conversation was about 85% Italian and 15% English, so a bit better for me ;)

Sunday was an easy but COLD day. We went into Milan again and saw some of the fancy shopping streets before having lunch at a place called California Bakery. A little piece of home in Milan. Not too much happened before we were off to the airport :/

Now for a rant on easyJet. I have flown with them three times and I hope to never again. The flights were fine, but their policies aren't consistent. Flying from Amsterdam to London I brought on a carry on and purse and was fine. Flying London to Milan I got to the gate before they told me I could only bring one thing to carry on so I checked my suitcase. On the way from Milan to London I figured I would check my suitcase again...well I did. But it was 30 euro!! Where did that hidden charge come from? Ugh

Also, sneaky Jess. I bought a train ticket from Gatwick airport to Victoria station, but because the flight was late taking off, I missed the train. Now the next one was coming in only 10 minutes, but one to London bridge had just arrived. On the train ride to the airport they didn't check tickets, so I hoped on. Just my luck, a guy came by checking tickets he hadn't checked yet. I was ready to say oops and ask if I could buy a ticket on board, hoping they wouldn't kick me off. There was an awkward pause when he came to me and then I just looked out the window, pretending he had already checked mine and off he went. Phew! Rebel. I know.

Now I have sadly realized I only have about 5 days left in my beloved London. Cue the waterworks :(

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