Monday, December 17, 2012

Paris pt. 1

Thursday night I got into Paris around 8pm and was picked up by my friend Sienna to head back to her apartment.

Now, all week I have been completely out of it. My head and my body have not been one. I think it is due to the fact that it was my last week and I was trying to make sure everything got done. Well it was definitely the fastest week of my life and I just felt so weird all week. My feeling weird led to multiple klutzy moves in London and lets just say, they didn't stay in London.

Unfortunate Event #1
We were taking the metro from the train station to her apartment and it was getting off to a slowwwww start so I was not holding on to any pole. All of a sudden, the train just takes off and the next 5 seconds happened sooo fast yet were in total SLOW motion. I was taken by surprise and with the momentum of the train, I was falling back fast. I knew there was nothing to grab onto so I reached out to Sienna, hoping she would realize what was about to happen and would grab me and save me. No. Such. Luck. Thankfully, or unfortunately, there was a woman standing behind me for me to fall onto, otherwise I would have been down for the count. Embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.

We dropped off my luggage and then were quickly on our way to meet some of her friends here at a local pub called International...makes sense. It was a fun evening just getting to know everyone.

I am eternally grateful to Sienna for not only hosting me, but meticulously planning every moment of every day.

Friday morning we went to little pastry shop and split two pastries and sipped coffee while it started to rain outside. It would continue to rain on and off all day. That was no burden, because Sienna had planned a trip to Musee d'Orsay for us! I was so excited because this museum holds some of my favorite paintings. They also had a special exhibition on Fashion and Impressionism, two of my favorite things, so it was my lucky day.

After the museum we went to a small restaurant she had found online. It was cozy and had such character. There I found salads on the menu and, since I had not had a salad in about 3 months, I knew what I was getting. I proceeded to enjoy the most delicious meal of salad with fig, goat cheese and some mystery crepe type thing? I don't know, but I was extremely satisfied.
We walked around a bit more and enjoyed a stroll through a park before heading back to her apartment where I stayed to relax and finish some essays while Sienna went to work for two hours.

After work, we met up with her friends again to go out and party, Paris style....that is all.

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