Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canterbury and Dover

Sunday was spent outside the city of London and I was really looking forward to it.
I love London, but my friends and I agreed that getting out of the city to a smaller town was a real treat.

We took a bus to Canterbury first and I fell in love with that quaint little town. We walked around the main streets near the cathedral and they were just so adorable - cobblestone and modern stores in buildings from WAAAY back when.

First, we took a little boat tour on a river. It was short, but beautiful. I love lush, green areas and water - so peaceful and serene.

After the boat tour, we got to check out the inside of the cathedral. Again, another impressive church with amazing detail and ceilings SO high.

We only spent about 15 min. in the church because we were hungry and only had a limited amount of time to explore. One of the shops we wandered into was a candy shop...and they solid American cereal. What does that say about us when our cereals are being sold in candy shops? Another crazy detail?

That box of Lucky Charms cost 10 pounds, so roughly $15!! Insane!

We were then hurried back onto the bus and headed for Dover, which I was really looking forward to because I figured we would be able to walk along the cliffs. I was sadly mistaken. We didn't get to go on the cliffs and I was honestly bummed about that.

We did get to check out the beach and then Dover castle, which was old and beautiful. From the top of the highest tower, you could see all the way to France on a clear day. But lets be real, this is England. They only have like, 5 clear days a year, so this was not one of them.

After the castle we toured the war tunnels IN the cliffs. So I guess if I couldn't walk along the cliffs, walking in them would have to do. We learned a lot about WWII and how the tunnels were used etc.

Our tour guide was definitely easy on the eyes, but we could not place where he was from by his accent. After the tour, we asked him and he said Belgium. We told him he sounded American and it turns out his dad is from Belgium and his mom is from America. Bingo! BUUUTTT! His mom isn't just from America, she is from California. So we asked, where? He said his mom grew up in San Luis Obispo!!!

I literally yelped with excitement haha. SLO is a small town and its not every day that you meet a Belgium with relations to the town. That little fact made my day. I should have told him that we should date so he could tell his mom I'm from SLO, but we had already left when I thought of that genius plan.

We got back into London around 7pm and being the great student I am, I still had some homework to do so that is what I did for the rest of the night.

Such a long day, but so many great things seen and learned!


  1. I live near canterbury! It seems so odd to hear people from other countries, like yourself, talking about it, I guess it's just normal to me! I'm glad you had a good times :) Oh and Lucky charms are so expensive you're right!

    Bethany Paige ( X

  2. Oh how funny! Yea, i loved Canterbury so much! I love small towns