Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Popping In


Sorry I have been absent for awhile. Nothing super blog worthy was happening and then I got sick, definitely not blog worthy.

I feel like I am finally hitting my stride here in London. I know how to get around super easily, I know the names of the stores for basic necessities (since there is no target or cvs here, Boots is now my go-to), I am getting settled into my classes and getting used to London weather. The weather here is not just dreary, it never stops changing. The weather for the past two weeks has been rain, sun, wind, cloudy, sun, one day, every day. I am definitely at least one shade whiter. Good bye tan :(

I have just been exploring this amazing city. I tried to get to the box office early the other day to get cheap theatre tickets, but they were definitely NOT cheap, so I have to figure out how to get the super cheap seats...maybe it requires going right before the show starts? Not sure, but I have to write a performance critique for a class, so I definitely need to go.

In my London Art and Society class today, we got to tour St. Pauls Cathedral. I think I have found my new favorite church...or top 3. It was beautiful! We were not supposed to take pics...but it was too gorgeous to resist.

We then climbed to the second level which was a circular walkway around the dome, otherwise known as the whispering room. It was amazing! If someone stood on the opposite side of the room and whispered loudly against the wall, it traveled to the other side. Of course we had to try it out and it sounded like a ghost. It was absolutely incredible.

Finally we climbed to the top. It is about 528 steps from floor to top and it is all up tiny, winding staircases. Definitely got a little claustrophobic and nauseous, but the views at the top were well worth it.

After class, some of us went on a mission to find a Chipotle as us California girls were missing Mexican food.

Not only did we find it, they serve margaritas at the Chipotle here! I didn't get one, but my food was pretty delicious. 

Tomorrow the school week is over! Thank goodness. I plan to return to Borough Market to get some fruit because they have the BEST apples I have ever had. No joke. And I am an apple connoisseur, so I thought it was ironic to find the best apples in London...

This weekend we are going to a chocolate festival, Buckingham Palace and Canterbury/Dover - so excited!

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