Saturday, October 6, 2012


London is a FIERCE FASHIONABLE city. So to turn heads in this town, you really have to stand out in the crowd.
I have had two days where I have definitely turned heads on the streets.
Yet not for reasons I'd like...

The first day, I was wearing shorts. And I could put money on the fact that I was probably the only person in London wearing shorts that day. It was a sunny day, why not wear shorts?! Anywho, I definitely got some weird looks.

Note to self, don't wear shorts in London unless you have tights underneath.

The next time this happened, I was wearing gym clothes. GASP! In Davis, gym clothes are more common to be worn around campus than dressing sharply. I went to the gym on campus here and then met some friends to go to Borough market and I did not see ONE SINGLE person in gym clothes. In my month here I have never seen anyone walking around in gym clothes. Everyone is always dressed to the nines. Of course, the fact that I had a tomato face and my jew fro was attempting to bust out of my bun with full force probably made me a sight for sore eyes, but lesson #2 was learned.


Thursday night I made my triumphant return to the London nightclub scene after being in a vegetative state with a cold for quite some time. We had a blast at a local bar called The Book Club and danced until the wee hours. I loved it because they had a ping pong table and I got to play a couple of games against some Aussies, crushing them ;)

Saturday was a lovely day.
Two of my friends, Sarah and Lauren, came with me to a Bread Festival along the Thames. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but it was also near a small farmers market, so everything was really quite enjoyable. There was a lot of bread, baked goods and cheeses. I bought a Passionfruit Curd spread and a loaf of potato bread, which is some of the best bread I have had.

After that our study abroad group went on a tour of Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside. It was quite an ornate palace. We didn't even see 1/4 of the palace, but it was still amazing and beautiful. The detail that went into decorating that palace was really incredible.

Tonight is going to be a quiet night in because tomorrow we leave bright and early for a day trip to Canterbury and Dover!

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